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Solve a Teaching Problem

John Jay College  recommends Carnegie Mellon’s  “Solve a Teaching Problem”  for concrete examples on how to address some of the more basic challenges faced by faculty from what to do if your student/students can’t keep up with the readings to  cheating.  While the advice found here is generally for face-to-face classrooms, most of the information can […]

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Develop As a Teacher

The Center for Teaching at Brooklyn College  has a page dedicated to pedagogy journals and conferences : Develop As a Teacher

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Internet Research Tutorials that May Double as Assignments

The Internet Detective offers a tutorial for students on how to surf the web and find quality information.  While the site is geared for students and can also be found under “additional resources for students,” faculty might want to consider incorporating the use of the site into an assignment.    The tutorial found on this […]

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Grading Rubrics

York College Efficient Grading for Busy Faculty

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Trying to find assignments that work can be quite time-consuming, especially if you’re just setting up your course.  This section provides ideas for a variety of different assignments ranging from introductory assignments, to mid-semester and end of semester assignments that can be used as assessments. School of Professional Studies Welcome and Ice-Breaker Activities School of Professional Studies […]

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End of Course Review Checklist: Evolve: Evaluate, Review, and Revise Your Online Course

The School of Professional Studies offer some ideas on what you should think about once your course is completed for the semester.  The checklist-style presentation might also be used when setting up your course. Evolve: evaluate, review, and revise your online course

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York College Center for Teaching and Learning Speaker Forum Videos

A collection of 7 flash videos from York’s Center for Teaching and Learning Speaker Forums. York CETL Speaker Forum Dr. Sonia Gonsalves Director, Institute for Faculty Development, TheRichardStocktonCollegeofNew Jersey.November 16, 2007. “Student Prior Knowledge” Dr. Richard Felder Director, National Effective Teaching Institute.March 7, 2008. “Student Learning Styles” Dr. Laurie Richlin Director, Faculty Development,CharlesDrewUniversityof Medicine and […]

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“Top Ten Mistakes in Academic Web Design” by Paula Petrik History Computer Review (May 2000)

This article offers advice to the novice on the appearance of your site. Top Ten Mistakes of Academic Design

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Often time students are unaware that working in an online classroom environment is different from interacting with their friends and family members online.  Here’s some advice on how to prepare students for what is expected of their behavior in an online classroom. The Netiquette Home Page provides not only a list of “core rules,” but […]

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Online Course Preparation Checklist

Once you’ve complete your course you might want to use the checklists provided below as a final measure of preparedness. Lehman College Online Course Checklist

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