York College Center for Teaching and Learning Speaker Forum Videos

A collection of 7 flash videos from York’s Center for Teaching and Learning Speaker Forums.

York CETL Speaker Forum

Dr. Sonia Gonsalves

Director, Institute for Faculty Development, TheRichardStocktonCollegeofNew Jersey.November 16, 2007. “Student Prior Knowledge”

Dr. Richard Felder

Director, National Effective Teaching Institute.March 7, 2008. “Student Learning Styles”

Dr. Laurie Richlin

Director, Faculty Development,CharlesDrewUniversityof Medicine and Science.October 16, 2008. “The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”

Dr. Laura Guertin

Associate Professor, Earth Science, Penn State-Brandywine.February 19, 2009. “Just-In-Time Teaching”

Dr. Joseph Gonzalez

Director,LivingLearningCenter, AppalachianStateUniversity.October 19, 2007. “Designing Experiential Learning”

Dr. Jason Scorza

Associate Provost for Global Learning,FairleighDickinsonUniversity.September 18, 2008. “Technology and Course Design”

Dr. James Rhem

Executive Editor, National Teaching and Learning FORUM.February 8, 2008. “Thinking About Teaching”

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