Blogging on the Commons

Our faculty and staff have a wide range of interests. We are in the process of compiling some choice publicly available CUNY Commons-sponsored educational blog sites on this page. For now, the best way to locate the topic you are interested in would be to search the 892 (and counting) Commons blogs listed here. Contact the editors if you’d like your blog listed among these worthy sites:


A Vision for Learning:

Envisioning Online Learning

Bruce Rosenbloom’s site on endeavoring to report articles and trends toward a new paradigm of learning in the field of online learning and teaching: Strategic Planning and Policy for Online Programs and Instructional Technology.

Tony’s Thoughts

Tony Picciano’s major research interests are school leadership, education policy, Internet-based teaching and learning, and multimedia instructional models, and his blog invites viewers to mull over the  stories relevant to current events and generic education-related issues in addition to his passions: technology, education policy and leadership, education research, and urban education. His insightful commentary is as a result of having spent more than 43 years in education administration and teaching and having authored fourteen books and numerous articles. In 2010, Dr. Picciano received the Sloan Consortium’s National Award for Outstanding Achievement in Online Education by an Individual. Visit his ‘about‘ page to learn more.


Tributaries blog is focused on uses of technology in (higher) education, and is essentially a running commentary on the hopes and prospects for that larger project, especially as it bears on uses of academic technology in CUNY. Information on the author, George Otte, University Director of Academic Technology, CUNY Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, and SPS Doctoral Faculty among his many hats can be found in his profile on the Commons.

Teaching and Learning Tips @ Queens College: The Center for Teaching and Learning at Queens is helping faculty and others use technology in the Classroom… check out their blog here


Libraries and Library Resources

Emerging Tech in Libraries

Exploring the ways librarians can harness new technologies to serve our patrons — and the ways we manage old techology, too.


Oral History Projects

Activist Women’s Voices Oral History Project and Archive

The National Consortium for Women’s Oral History: A Preliminary Data Base of Collections was launched in December 2001 under the auspices of the Center for the Study of Women and Society at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and the Activist Women’s Voice Oral History Project. Since that time, the consortium has developed an inventory of women’s oral histories, some readily found in existing archives, others in obscure community-owned collections, religious institutions, historical societies, regional libraries, and the like. The intent of the consortium is to make the oral histories more easily available to researchers so that women’s voices may be more widely heard.


Yiddish Poet Holocaust Survivor

A passionate pursuit of Zelda Newman’s is following the poetry of Rivka Basman Ben-Haim. Newman says that while Ben-Haim is a poet and holocaust survivor, and that this experience lurks under the surface at all times, it does not  and should not define her.  Any one who will read the articles in the following posts, listen to the recordings below, and/or read the texts below, will see that Rivka Basman Ben-Haim has done many things since those years.  Her poems are about everything and anything, and are by no means limited to this one theme.


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