Is there a fine line between cheating and learning?

Peter Nonacs, professor of Game Theory believes that ‘much of evolution and natural selection can be summarized in three short words: “Life is games.” ‘ The object of any game he knows, is to win—whether it’s “getting the best grade on a midterm, or successfully inculcating critical thinking into your students.’

Find out the tips and tricks he uses to get his students to learn, beginning with letting them ‘cheat’ to win.  We all agree that a successful teacher is measured by the success of his or her students, and that students generally measure their success by their grade, earned or otherwise. Nunacs says that if testing “is really just measures of how the Education Game is proceeding” then  both the professor and the students’ goals can “be maximized simultaneously when students are given ‘permission’ to call the shots in the test taking game, to dive right in and cheat- cliff notes, sharing guesses and all.

Why I Let My Students Cheat on their Exam


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