Flipping the Classroom

The Flipped Classroom 

Among the many buzzwords created by the education community, rarely has one concept so old sounded so new as the ‘Flipped Classroom’ and along with the flipped label comes a lot of misunderstanding about what it represents and what it doesn’t. A team of flipped teachers got together to write a three-part article for the Dailyriff.com about the nature of the Flipped Classroom and what it means for your students and for you.  This first article is an attempt to define what the Flipped Class is and what it is NOT.

The term flipped derives from the understanding that the whole classroom/homework paradigm is “flipped”. What used to be classwork (the “lecture”) is done at home via teacher-created videos and what used to be homework (assigned problems) is now done in class.” (Jerry Overmyer, flippedclassroom.com).

The Flipped Classroom has its own professional learning network Ning site with several thousand flipped teachers. Click here to join their discussion and to view an extensive library eshibiting the process in action.


Infographic courtesy of Knewton

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media


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